A day out 🚘😊

Today myself, Milly and Olivia went out for the day! We thought it would be a good idea to blog parts of it, so here are a few pictures from our day!

We had a quick stop-off at Costa and I helped myself to a mint chocolate cooler! 

 These two Yankee Candle’s smelt amazing, especially the “vanilla lime” which was a favourite of all of us 😌


And finally we had a quick look around the plants, this all pink section looked particularly pretty! Whilst we were there we also had a look round some hot tubs and, still being a child at heart (😂), we had a peer at the cute little Wendy houses! We had a lot of fun today. 

See you very soon, the gals xox


Beauty uses of fruit 🍉🍊🍋🍒🍍🍐🍋🍠🍇🍌🍑

Grapefruit 🍇

  1. It is rich in vitamin c 
  2. It battles skin damage 
  3. It is an exfoliating face mask
  4. It reduces puffiness 
  5. And makes your skin smooth


  1. It strengthens your nails 
  2. Brightens your teeth 
  3. Lip exfoliater 
  4. Black head treatment 
  5. Cleanser and many more 


  1. Moisturiser
  2. A natural bleach 
  3. Can be used as a body scrub 
  4. Is rich in vitamin c


  1. A face mask
  2. Anti wrinkle cream 
  3. Helps lose weight 
  4. Has vitimn b 

That’s all from me gals -m 


Facials 🌸🌺

so who doesn’t love the feeling  after a facial .  There are scrubs , heat , deatox and clay extra extra!!

The best facial I have had is the bomb cosmetics Honolulu healer it is so exfoliating and cleansing 🌾

I rate the product 10 out of ten🌺

And packaging 8 out as it is secure but a little hard to open 🌿



Long time no blog! 💕

Hey gals! So in the UK it is now officially the summer break, and has been for the past few weeks. We really apologise for not being active for a month because we haven’t really got our posting schedule sorted yet 💗

Please comment some posts you would like to see from us over the next few weeks/months and we will try and get on top of it ✌🏻️

Also, look out for some videos appearing on our YouTube channel very soon! We’ve already finished editing one and hopefully will be filming and editing more in the near future 😎

bye for now gals xo


Social media 🌺✨

Hey gals, this is just a short post making you aware of our social media accounts! ✔

We currently have an Instagram account and a YouTube channel as well as our blog. If you’d like us to get other social media like pinterest and twitter then we may do 💗

Instagram link – click here

YouTube link – click here

Bye for now gals xo


Summer bucket-list 2015

Hey gals! It’s been so long since we have uploaded a post, because we’ve been doing a lot of things to do with school and stuff and just have had generally no time to sort out our blog. We’re always open to feedback so please, feel free to comment any constructive criticism – we’re always open to new ideas!

Today I had quite a good day and it made me realize that in summer you make loads of great memories and all that jazz so I put together a summer bucket-list 2015 to give you guys some summer inspiration!

1. Go travelling to another country, city, etc.
2. Go to a festival such as Glastonbury (although that’s already happened this year)
3. Swim with dolphins or sharks, depending on how brave you are!
4. Have a water fight with friends, family or neighbours
5. Make and sell lemonade or similar things like cookies or cupcakes
6. Go to the zoo and find all your favourite animals
7. Experiment with some new makeup – try a new lip colour, blush or eyeshadow to brighten up your summer look!
8. Have a family bike ride where you just cycle and maybe have a picnic?
9. Eat tropical fruit, things like pineapple and watermelon
10. Go camping in your backgarden!
11. Visit an aquarium 
and look at all the cool fish and sea creatures
12. Unplug yourself for a day from all electrical devices and social media (this one is particularly hard)
13. Go sightseeing or take a bus tour around your local area or country
14. Pick blackberries and you could make a blackberry pie out of them!
15. Do some stargazing – try to find existing constellations and create your own
16. Watch the sun rise or set, it is absolutely beautiful and a sight you don’t want to miss
17. Have a day at the beach and build sandcastles, eat icecream and paddle in the sea
18. Do something outside your comfort zone like jet-skiing or bungee jumping
19. Get a sun tattoo there are lots of tutorials for these on the internet and youtube
20. Send a message in a bottle and write something crazy on it
21. Have a photoshoot with friends in a tumblr place like the beach or woods
22. Create a blog or youtube channel it’s fun, honestly!
23. Collect something like stamps, seashells, postcards, etc.
24. Make some new friends and definitely hang out with them, lol 🙂
25. Play paint twister which is twister, but you put the matching colour paint on the matching colour spots (warning, messy!)
26. Change up your appearence like dip-dyeing your hair or getting a piercing
27. Do a scavenger hunt in your local mall with your friends
28. Stay in bed all day because why not?
29. Have a spa day either at home or at an actual spa
30. Go to the park because everyone wants to be a little kid again!

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See you next time, E xx

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The Sunshine Award ☀

Hi gals! I’m sorry this isn’t our usual posting day but I felt this needs to go up ASAP!

We were very kindly nominated by ryanezamorabeauty (thank you!) for ‘The Sunshine Award’! The rules are very simple.
> Thank the person who nominated you
> Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
> Nominate some other bloggers for the award
> Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominate
> Notify your nominees on their blog
> Add the award button to your blog (I don’t know how you do this so if you do please kindly comment below how you do so) 🙂

Our questions:
1. What are you wearing right now?
– E: Pink t-shirt from primark, skinny jeans from primark and minion socks from primark!
– O: Cute top and jeans, both from new look.
– M: Some Summery shorts and a t-shirt

2. What brand of makeup do you have the most of?
– E: Rimmel
– O: Rimmel
– M: No7

3. What would the perfect day look like to you?
– E: Bright with flowers everywhere!
– O: Very sunny!
– M: A beachy, sunny kind of day!

4. What is one makeup product you can’t live without?
– E: Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara
– O: Any mascara!
– M: Concealer

5. Who is your celebrity girl crush?
– E: Zoella
– O: Taylor Swift
– M: Jennifer Lawrence/Katniss Everdeen

6. What’s your go to lip colour?
– E: Nude Pink
– O: Kiss Pearl
– M: Red

7. Do you have any fun plans for the rest of the day?
– E: No its raining 😦
– O: Barbecue
– M: Barbecue


We nominate:

& MyLittleWorld


Our questions to you are:

1. What’s your favourite makeup product?
2. Why did you make your blog?
3. What’s your favourite TV show?
4. What is your follower goal?
5. How long does it take you to do your daily makeup?
6. Who’s your makeup role model?
7. What’s your go to outfit?

We hope you like your questions and we will enjoy reading your answers!

Lots of love,

– the British Gals xx